A Scientist Looks at the Ocean: Collin Roesler

Collin Roesler joined Bowdoin College in 2009, teaching oceanography in the Department of Earth and Oceanographic Science. She adheres to the earth system science approach tapping into her degrees in geological, physical, and biological oceanography. Her current research focuses on understanding ocean ecosystem responses to changing climate. She was one of the principle scientists responsible for developing the Gulf of Maine Integrated Coastal Ocean Observing System, which allows scientists, students, and the public to access oceanographic data in real time. She is passionate about teaching and bringing authentic research experiences into the classroom.

Roesler’s talk, “A Scientist Looks at the Ocean: Thoughts on Developing Students’ Scientific Identity,” is presented as part of Bowdoin’s Common Hour, a series created as an occasion for students, faculty and staff to gather, at at time absent of classes or committee meetings, to engage in the ideas and presentations of the speakers.

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