Award Winning Author Jonas Lüscher: “The Beauty of Crisis,” A Reading from the Novella ‘Barbarian Spring’

A leading Swiss industrialist on a business trip to Tunisia is invited to spend the week with the daughter of a local gangster. He accompanies her to the wedding of two London city traders at a desert luxury resort and, with the wedding party in full swing and the bride riding up the aisle on a camel, the global financial system stands on the brink of collapse. The British pound has depreciated tenfold, and their world begins to crumble around them.

Swiss-German author Jonas Lüscher, a major emerging voice in European fiction, recently visited Bowdoin to read and discuss the English translation of his award-winning novella Barbarian Spring, a beautifully written account of the financial crisis in its global dimensions, and a powerful alternative to the dominating discourses of economics and politics.

Born in Switzerland, Lüscher lives in Munich. After training as a primary school teacher in Bern and a few years in the German film industry, he studied at the School of Philosophy in Munich. He is currently a Ph.D. student at the Department of Philosophy at the ETH Zurich.

Lüscher’s was sponsored by the departments of German, English and Economics, and by the Andrew Mellon Foundation.

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