Dance Department’s December Show, with Guest Artist Laura Peterson Choreography

The annual dance show put on by the Dance Department included a work-in-progress by Laura Peterson Choreography, a New York City dance company. This dance, “Untitled Diagrams,” opened the show, and was followed by three dances performed by Bowdoin classes.

The second piece, “Wave and Disturbance,” was choreographed by Laura Peterson and performed by Gina Fickera ’18 and Olivia Stone ’16 from the class Modern IV Repertory and Performance. The original score was composed and performed by Shamou Amoui.

The third dance, “En el Norte Helado (In the Frozen North)” was choreographed by Gwyneth Jones and performed by Siaree Alvarez ’18, Genesis Escalante ’18 and Adaiah Hudgins-Lopez ’18 from Modern II Repertory and Performance.

The last piece, “In the Running,” was performed by Lloyd Anderson ’16, Sophia Ardell ’17, Tara Celata ’16, Blanche Froelich ’19, Austin Goldsmith ’18, Mariah Reading ’16, Franco Sasieta ’16, Nick Walker ’16 and Angela Wunderlich ’19 from Modern I Repertory and Performance. It was choreographed by Gwyneth Jones.

Julie McMurry designed the costumes and Matthew Jones videotaped the show.

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