Bowdoin chemistry professor Elizabeth Stemmler delivers the James Stacy Coles Professorship of Natural Sciences Inaugural Lecture. Her talk, “From Fish to Fuels: Molecules, Mass, and Complex Mixture Analysis,” focuses on the challenge of analyzing complex samples, ranging from biological tissues to biofuels, with the goal of characterizing organic compounds, including environmental toxins, drugs, and biological signaling components, using the generation of gas-phase ions and the application of mass spectrometry to “weigh” molecules.

The James Stacy Coles Chair of Natural Sciences was established by Research Corporation and Research Corporation Technologies of Tucson, Arizona, to honor its president from 1967-1982 and Bowdoin’s ninth president (1952-1967), the late James Stacy Coles. President Coles was trained as a chemist and received his Ph.D from Columbia University in 1941. He is widely recognized for his contributions to the sciences and to the cause of higher education, at Bowdoin and nationwide. President Coles died in 1996. Through its awards program, Research Corporation has supported undergraduate science training, scholarship, and research initiatives since its founding in 1912 in New York City.

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