Geoffrey Canada ’74 and Stanley Druckenmiller ’75: Generational Theft

President Barry Mills moderated the discussion “Generational Theft: How Entitlement Spending is Stealing Opportunity from America’s Youth,” among educator Geoffrey Canada ’74, investor Stanley Druckenmiller ’75 and members of a packed Pickard Theater audience who posed questions to the duo. Canada and Druckenmiller were on campus last night to give their talk.

Their visit to campus May 7 follows a Wall Street Journal op-ed piece in which they write of their shared concern that “government spending levels are unsustainable.” Canada and Druckenmiller, though from different backgrounds and with different political beliefs, have united to bring their message to the masses, appearing on CNBC’s Closing Bell and Squawk Box, and MSNBC’s Morning Joe. They warn that failing to reform an entitlement culture, reaffirm long-run objectives, and re-establish a common purpose will mean diminished opportunities for America’s youth.

2 thoughts on “Geoffrey Canada ’74 and Stanley Druckenmiller ’75: Generational Theft

  1. Thank you Stanley and Geoffrey. They told it the way it is. They see what America will become, if entitlement is not controled. There is no political agender attached. Just the message that we need to act NOW ! Stand up and be heard. WAKE UP AMERICA!!

  2. While it’s true that many of our “gay friends won’t have jobs in 20 years”, they more than likely will have rights. There in lies the challenge of this movement. Until it so profoundly affects the lives of those that will be impacted the most, it will be hard to find a million willing to march. That being said, I’m thankful to Canada and Drunkenmiller for initiating the movement with sound research and a thoughtful presentation. I’ll be sure that my congressman knows that I’m paying attention.

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