Hip Hop/Hip Hope: The (R)Evolution of Culturally Relevant Pedagogy with Gloria Ladson-Billings

Gloria Ladson-Billings, Professor Emerita, University of Wisconsin’s Department of Curriculum and Instruction and Kellner Family Distinguished Professor in Urban Education, celebrates the 20th Anniversary of the Brodie Family Lecture with her talk on culturally relevant pedagogy. Since the initial introduction of culturally relevant pedagogy, our schools and classrooms have grown even more complex. The combination of rapid technologies and the enthusiasm of youth culture make it necessary for teachers (at all levels) to rethink their practice. Even culturally relevant pedagogy must evolve. This talk speaks to the way the evolution of culturally relevant pedagogy may insure that more students experience success both in and out of the classroom. Ladson-Billings is also the president of the National Academy of Education.

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