Learning to Read Through Form and Failure: Abigail Kileen

Abigail Killeen juggles her teaching schedule with a full performance calendar in Portland, Boston, and New York. She also specializes in developing new material for the stage. Together with Rose Courtney she created a stage adaptation of Isak Dinesen’s Babette’s Feast. Killeen played Babette in the premiere production in New York in 2010, and publication of the adaptation is pending through Dramatic Publishing. Babette’s Feast will next be presented as part of Acacia Theater Company’s (Milwaukee) current season.

Premiering this spring is Ordinary Mind/Ordinary Day, Killeen’s collaboration with Adrianne Krstansky (Brandeis University). Ordinary Mind/Ordinary Day, which incorporates the text of four short stories by Virginia Woolf, is part of the Brandeis Theater Company’s 2011–2012 season. Killeen performed the piece at Brandeis in November and Bowdoin in March. Professor Killeen’s talk was titled “Learning to Read Through Form and Failure.”

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