Michele Moses: All Views Are Not Created Equal

Michele Moses on Nov. 2 gave the 2017 Brodie Lecture at Bowdoin. Her talk was called, “All Views Are Not Created Equal: Disagreement, Diversity, and the Politics of Being Reasonable in Education Settings.”

We often hear that ‘everyone is entitled to their opinion,’ or that it is important to ‘hear the other side,’ or that we have to make sure to offer ‘balanced perspectives’ on controversial issues. But are these declarations always right? Are they ‘just common sense’?

Michele Moses, professor and Association Dean for Graduate Studies, School of Education, University of Colorado, Boulder, focuses on these questions and several more. How can educators make sense of what opinions, disagreements, and debates are reasonable within a democratic system of education? And how can we explain principled, democratic limits on speech in educational settings? Ultimately, how do we create welcoming spaces for democratic education, in which reasonable perspectives are open for discussion, people’s identities are respected, and their dignity is upheld?

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