Real Talk: Race, Class, and Gender of College Men with Dr. Terrell Strayhorn

Named “one of the most highly visible new scholars in his field,” by the Journal of Blacks in Higher Education, Dr. Terrell Strayhorn is a nationally-recognized keynote speaker and scholar at The Ohio State University.

Strayhorn came to speak at Bowdoin College on Oct. 22, and participated in a men’s summit with students the following day. He is the director of the Center for Higher Education Enterprise at The Ohio State University, where is also professor of higher education in the Department of Educational Studies. Strayhorn maintains an active research agenda focusing on major policy issues in education, such as student access and achievement, equity and diversity, impact of college on students, and student learning and development. He is the author of eight books and monographs.

He has received numerous award and honors, including the ASHE Early Career/Promising Scholar Award and the ACPA Annuit Coeptis Award.

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